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  • Lucidspark Google Meet
    Lucidspark tips

    Make meetings more engaging and collaborative with Lucidspark + Google Meet all-in-one devices

    Now, you can access Lucidspark’s virtual whiteboard on Board 65 and Desk 27 devices for a collaborative and creative experience in Google Meet for new scenarios or as an alternative to whiteboarding in Jamboard.

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  • what is lucidspark
    Lucidspark tips

    8 things you didn’t know about Lucidspark

    In this article, we break down several things you may not know about Lucidspark that make it such an indispensable app for both teams and users.

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  • Lucidspark tips

    Sharing is caring: 8 ways to share your Lucidspark boards

    In this blog post, we go over eight different ways to share your Lucidspark boards—pick the experience that works best for your team and projects!

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  • effective collaboration
    Teamwork and collaboration

    Facilitator toolkit: 9 resources for accommodating different collaboration styles

    Effective collaboration isn’t so much a matter of skill as it is communication. Everyone—even those who share similar skill sets—collaborates differently.

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